Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Age Appropriate Hairstyles}

I've been asked several times by my clients to blog about this subject and it is indeed relevant to those who are lost or confused about what style to wear as they are growing older wiser (hopefully)!

Let's begin with the tweens.
It's important to keep a style that's easy for them to do themselves and one that is not too layered or trendy. Dakota Fanning has a great sleek cut with subtle layering that is flattering for any face shape.

Makeup is also important here. Tweens and teens should wear soft makeup especially around the eye area to avoid looking like a raccoon. Instead of a black eyeliner, use a brown shadow and chocolate brown mascara to define the eye.

Let's be honest! This is the age you can wear anything! If you are a young professional, try to experiment with crazy hairstyles on the weekend.

Middle Aged Women (40-60)
First let's talk about what not to do. Side ponytails and pigtails don't automatically make you look younger.

Extensions are also a no-no.

Try to look polished, refined, and classy. The length of your hair depends on your face shape but don't go longer than your bra strap.

Sharon Stone has a great pixie/bob that looks great as an everyday style. Middle aged woman should get used to not being overly creative with hairstyling. Hair should look effortless.

Mature Women

Jamie Lee Curtis has a great naturally salt and peppered crop. Not every woman at this age needs to chop off all their hair but keeping it above the shoulder usually looks best on the average woman. If you are going to color-treat at this age, make sure you keep it touched up regularly to avoid those tell-tale gray roots.

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